"I truly enjoyed your seminar and would like to attend the second half but don't know what the date is for it.  You are a very gifted motivational speaker.  Thank you for your encouragement and willingness to share your gift."

- Patricia White  /  

Patricia White Photography

"Kirk's seminar was very informative and entertaining. I made correlations in my business that I expect can take it to the next level."

- Jim Sovanski  /

Sovanski Photography


  • Effective Marketing is No Longer an Oxymoron.
  • Getting the Recognition You Deserve..
  • How to Increase the Value of Your Photography.
  • How to Attract More Clients and Increase Sales.


Kirk is frequently booked several months in advance. You can get in touch to invite him to speak at your event.

"I highly recommend Kirk's seminars because he's very modern, and has ideas above and beyond what we've seen before."

- Tracy Rasmussen  / 
Insight Photography

Kirk presents to audiences of professional photographers of state and local organizations, and also lab sponsored workshops.

He also helps hundreds of photographers in the US, Mexico, and South America in how to make money with photography.

Unlock your full potential with actionable materials and information.