Too bad products and services don't sell themselves. And buying more advertising or lowering your prices are not strategies.

The Process.

The Content.

The Price.

With a sense of urgency I apply an effective message, visually engaging materials, presentations, and promotions that are remarkable enough to get you more word-of-mouth referrals.

No fluff. No clichés. No jargon. I outline what needs to be stopped, revised, or added to increase your profits.

Change is a faster caterpillar. Transformation is a butterfly.

In our attempt to reduce the risk associated with change we sometimes look for a solution that has a high degree of certainty. But often the search for certainty is more costly than a potential failure due to inaction. And done is better than perfect.

Success often happens in degrees, opportunities are too infrequent, and don't last long enough.


  • Building Brand Reputation and Value
  • Creating Customer Value
  • Developing Website, Social Media, Ads, Direct Mail and Email Marketing, Catalogs, POS, Tradeshow Displays, and Brochures.
  • Designing and Producing Presentation and Sales Materials
  • Improving Sales Tools
  • Increasing Word-of-Mouth


“It has been more ideas with the support and resources to back it, than I ever could have imagined.”

Rachel Adams

Rachel Anne's Photography



​​​​​More marketing doesn't give you better Return On Implementation

Getting people to pay isn’t the tough part – the tough part is figuring out what exactly they want, and delivering it.

(ROI). I believe marketing needs to do a better job of selling. I can help. I first create a message with a unique selling advantage, a plan of implementation, visually engaging graphics, and a series of action campaigns. I do it for companies with complex features and benefits that need to be made simpler. And I can do it for you.