For  talented photographers, 3 LENSES is the done-for-you personalized service to help you attract more, book more, and sell more year-round. 

How can you inspire more people to choose you?

Take a look at the 'before and after' ads and websites 

in the gallery below.  The 'before' versions don't

have headlines or text narratives-

only photos and logos.

Please notice that the 'after' versions make a statement of value.

It intends to engage a specific group of potential buyers in ways

that reflect personal identity, why they buy, lifestyle, and to

describe how they will feel after they've purchased.

As a professional photographer I'm inspired by others who are working hard, and running their business-- not to compete with others, not to get rich, not to go viral, but to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. You know that creativity, artful images, and fun will always be the basis of your business. I  believe in order to have security, peace of mind, and life/work balance, our focus must shift from sales goals to how to bring your art to enough people who value it, and will reward you for creating it.​​

Here's the Big Secret to attracting enough clients .  .  . maybe.

Maybe you can apply highly effective principles and not have to be a big company.

People who visit your website, social media page, and get your email promotions, need to see more than your images, logo, and call to action. 

Not enough people know what's so special about your photography or why they should choose you.

Most people expect to see great photography, to receive great service, and to work with a really nice person who loves creating portraits.

If you do what most people expect - maybe you appear to be an average photographer, who charges average prices, for average people.

Your pricing, photography, products, SEO, promotions, and marketing calendar should all combine to support your unique, authentic brand story.

Rather than viewing each of these areas as stand-alone pieces, maybe it's time to bring them all together to design your dream business.

BONUS MAYBE: Maybe some things holding you back are inside your business. No business is perfect, and there's always room for improvement.

The Big Secret isn't really so secret. It's just that creating engaging and motivating messages is really difficult to do.

I believe an effective statement of value and narrative is critical in creating effective:

  • marketing strategies
  • unique display products
  • pricing
  • a fun client experience
  • ​best ways and places to get attention and inspire people to book appointments 
  • sales presentations 
  • professional services that will attract your fair share of clients year-round for years.

Which are you?

  • You've known the secret, applied it, and have the business other photographers only dream of.
  • You have the experience and time to do it all yourself.
  • Or maybe you could use some help.

​Whether you want to attract more, book more, or sell more, I can help you fix what is holding you back, and achieve your goals faster and easier than you may think possible. 

If you'd like to learn how my system can help . . .START HERE.