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Although attracting clients is never easy, I can help make it easier.

3 LENSES MARKETING & DESIGN founder Kirk Russell is a multi-talented award-winning certified professional photographer, marketing authority, mentor, and speaker. He has a uniquely long view of the industry and passionately believes there's never been a better time to be a pro photographer. Kirk has owned several successful studios, and for the last decade has written hundreds of actionalbe articles for the largest pro lab in the country, and helped hundreds of photographers increase their profits. I'm here to help. more about Kirk >>

Pick Kirk's brain:

How long has it been since you invited someone to look at how much your biggest frustrations could be costing you in lower sales and in too few bookings? I'm not sure I can help, but I do know it makes sense for us to talk.

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I deliver what you need to upgrade your abilities, produce the sales you want, and expand what you think you are capable of- all created for you, around what you love shooting.

Is it good? No. My system is fricking great.

With my Done-For-You system, there's NO overwhelming tutorials or stuff to learn about strategy, promotions, pricing, and sales! And virtually ​everything is done for you! This is the perfect alternative to DIY solutions that just don't work well. In less time than you thought possible, you can be positioned to attract, book, and sell more, faster and easier- not for a week or a few months, but sustainable for years.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I HEAR YOU

I believe, maybe like you, that I can help make a memorable difference in peoples' lives.

I've created a new model for pro photographers that is deliberately simple, but very hard to do.

How? First, I help you create more of what people want. And second, I help you attract and book more clients which allows you to create your best art. 

This braiding of your photographic art and my solutions for what you’d like to achieve is designed to expand what you think you’re capable of.​

You DON'T need to work 50% more, or increase your overhead by 50% in order to increase your income by 50%. My proven system is designed to help you add a zero to your income.

Photographers often tell me their frustrations: ​(below)

  • The promotions I've done​​ don't attract people who spend enough, and most seem to be price shoppers.
  • ​I've done social media posts, Pinterest, displays in a couple of businesses, but I still don't get enough people to call.
  • When the phone does ring I almost dread it because I don't know what to say and too few book appointments.
  • When I started my business, the beginning of a new year or month, there's no panic. But now and way too often, I'm visited by the Panic Monster! I need real help.
  • I'm tired of being invisible to hundreds (or more) of people, when all I want is to attract enough who see how I'm different.
  • It seems that half my life I'm unhappy, distracted, and worried.
  • I want to become known as the most accomplished photographer NOT the cheapest or the one who has the best promotions. 
  • I keep doing more and more promotions but appeal to fewer and fewer, make less and less money, but work more and more. This isn't what I imagined for myself!
  • I'm so busy and stressed. I have a dream, but if I could learn and implement what I need all by myself I guess I would have already done it.
  • I don't want to be high volume or just attract more clients every year in order to have a decent lifestyle, contribute to the kid's college funds, and to my retirement nest egg. I need to transition my business- I just don't know what to transition to.
  • I create great images and need marketing that gets read and shared, creating more momentum and more referrals.
  • I'm overwhelmed, stressed, and underpaid. I know I have the potential but even if I knew enough about what I need to do I don't know if there's enough time to do it!

IS IT TIME TO INVENT YOUR FUTURE?You can re-invent your business tomorrow. I've worked with many photographers to increase their booking rates to between 50-70%. Can I help you? I'm not sure yet.

But even if just one of these statements reflects how you feel, or your situation I encourage you to schedule a 30-60 minute phone call with me. You'll be able to pick my brain with no expectations on my side except to discover at least one actionable solution you can apply the next day.

After our discussion if you decide to use my system, GREAT! But if not, that's fine too. Either way I guarantee it'll be worth our time.

Maybe it's time to use the original, proven, 3 LENSES system.

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As a professional photographer you know that creativity, artful images, and fun will always be the basis of your business. I also believe in order to have security, peace of mind, and life/work balance, our focus must shift from sales goals to how to bring your art to enough people who value it, and will reward you for creating it.​​