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You want more clients who will gladly pay more (not less) for your photography even before they contact you.

Well, it’s a good thing you’re here.

​​Perhaps you’re looking for new ways to express the fact that you’re not just another photographer. Or you need a creative collaborator to breathe new life into your business, someone who’s qualified, dedicated and deadline-conscious. 

Maybe you’re looking for an experienced photographer who knows firsthand what it’s like, (but want to avoid or recover from) to go from exhilaration you had in the beginning, to terror, exhaustion, and finally to despair. 

Or you need a pro who understands there’s a vast difference between surviving and thriving, frustration and happiness, eating crumbs and a place at the table- and that you just need the missing pieces that will finally work!

Look no further. I can help.


Before considering my strategic marketing services, many clients can relate to one or several of the following:

​​It's 9:00 am on Monday:

  • You're tired of being invisible to hundreds of people, when all you want is to attract enough who see that you're amazing.
  • You feel that "old school trial and error" tactics don’t work and "there MUST be a better way."
  • You don't want to re-invent proven methods - you want to avoid more work that requires time you don't have. 
  • You don't need to change how you shoot and run your business- you just need to improve or add, the best ways to attract and sell to clients.
  • You're ready to disrupt the status quo, changing the way you  market, sell, and price your images.
  • You are introducing a new style of photography or product, your sales have stalled, or you need to connect the dots that enable your business to thrive.
  • You create great images and want magnetic messages that are read and shared, giving your business greater momentum.
  • You're looking for faster, smarter, and better proven ways to market your business.

You're in the right place if you want to attract, book, and sell to more ideal clients.

This is your authentic Game-changer!

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Discover Marketing That Attracts, Books, and Sells More.

We work. We play. Simply put,we're killing it. 

Let’s show the world what we can do. Let’s show the world that life is all about what you make it. Let’s have some fun.


3 LENSES MARKETING & DESIGN founder Kirk Russell is a multi-talented award-winning photographer, marketing authority, and speaker. He has owned several successful studios, and for the last decade has written hundreds of articles for the largest pro lab in the country, and helped hundreds of photographers increase their profits. more about Kirk >>

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