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  • I don't want to be high volume or just attract more clients every year in order to have a decent lifestyle, and contribute to the kid's college funds, and to my retirement nest egg. I need to transition my business- I just don't know what to transition to.
  • I create great images and need marketing that gets read and shared, creating more momentum and more referrals.
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I believe that business gets easier, but never easy. And your brand story can set you apart - not the best photography.

3 LENSES MARKETING & DESIGN founder Kirk Russell is a multi-talented award-winning certified professional photographer, marketing authority, and speaker. He has a uniquely long view of the industry and passionately believes there's never been a better time to be a pro photographer. Kirk has owned several successful studios, and for the last decade has written hundreds of actionalbe articles for the largest pro lab in the country, and helped hundreds of photographers increase their profits. I'm here to help. more about Kirk >>

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